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The packaging machinery industry faces low carbon environmental challenges

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2018/11/15 11:45
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Green product hasn't been able to realize green economy or still vague ideas about green economy, the low-carbon economy is clearly the concept of green economy, and an increase in low carbon content. This global economic model will have a profound impact on the entire economy. For packaging for food and related industries: it's a revolution. It deserves attention and research.

Although the low-carbon economy has become the main theme of media hype, there is still a long way to go. The United States and Europe have always attached importance to environmental protection. Although the energy consumption of mechanical devices is not high, there is no need for a "sustainable development" strategy. But for the food industry, it is urgent. And food packaging machinery manufacturers must go ahead before the food industry demand, because they (food packaging machinery manufacturers) will find that their customers will ask them to provide more economical and environmentally friendly products. So manufacturers must prepare for the day as quickly as possible.