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The future of the food packaging machinery industry is huge

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2018/11/15 11:49
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With the improvement of Chinese living standard and the prosperous development of tourism industry, grain bulking, Fried peanuts, Fried potato, sugar, dried fish barbecued meat products, such as dried fruits and vegetables and candy class leisure food, every year, rising at the rate of food market sales were 20% higher.

According to statistics, in 2010 China's leisure food industry output value of more than 2000 one hundred million yuan, the future of China's leisure food packaging demand will continue strong, food packaging machinery industry's future development space is huge.

The construction of urbanization provides new opportunities for the packaging industry


With the rapid and healthy development of China's national economy, China's packaging has become a highly development potential of the industry, will have broad market space. The country's urbanization rate will rise from 39.1% now to 60% by 2020. The annual average of urban residents will grow by 1 percent, from the current 502 million to about 900 million in 2020. The country's urban agglomerations will increase from the current three to a dozen, and the distribution will be reasonable. The Nobel economic prize in 2001 for one of the stiglitz high-tech and urbanization of China and the United States as the two key factors in the human development in the 21st century, and that the challenges and opportunities for China in the lead in the new century's urbanization. The grand goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way -- more economic development, democracy will be further improved, science and education more progress, cultural prosperity, social harmony, people's life more solid, and people-oriented, people and the coordinated development of economy and society of the 21st century are put forward higher requirements for the development of packaging industry, has brought new opportunities for development.


With the advancement of China's urbanization construction, dairy and beverage industry has become one of the most growth of the industry in China in recent years, as people increasingly attention to the health and milk drinks products and packaging products emerge in endlessly. At the same time, the technology of the aseptic filling technique, the PET plastic bottle packaging of beer and milk, etc., is being favored and adopted by more and more manufacturers.


Foreign demand has increased rapidly


In addition to its attractive domestic market, Chinese export markets are also bullish. Exports of major Chinese exports are expected to increase by $8 billion to $10 billion a year after the WTO entry. The increase in the export volume of the product will drive the growth of the packaging of the corresponding products.


China food machinery network analyst, foreign market demand for food packaging machinery is also greatly increased, the world's second largest food producers in India, the food industry scale is relatively small, with the improvement of people's living standard, an increase in demand for processed food, convenient and fast food, therefore, be convenient for food packaging machinery, food processing machinery and so on demand. And China's food packaging machinery, due to low quality prices, is popular.


In addition to India, the uae also needs China's packaging machinery and food machinery, which has great potential and promising prospects. Chinese products, especially in China, small packaging machines and food processing machinery, are suitable for the market demand in the uae and throughout the Middle East. The reason for this is that the uae's packaging machine manufacturing industry has not really started, and demand for packaging machinery is growing. Second, the uae's industrial base is weak and its people have a concept of heavy business. This provides a rare opportunity and a huge potential market for Chinese packaging and food processing machinery to enter the uae market for product sales and manufacturing.


We will increase our own research and development to the international market


Beijing food machinery experts believe that although the food packaging machinery industry has been a rapid development, China's food industry as a whole equipment level there is a certain gap compared with developed countries, such as some of the food packaging machinery technology content is low, with independent intellectual property rights of products less, domestic equipment performance, reliability, quality and service also can't keep up with the needs of users, individual high-grade packaging machinery still rely on imports, etc., are to be in food packaging machinery industry through technical and product innovation.


Compared with developed countries, food packaging machinery research in China started relatively late, formed food packaging machinery industry in China is only twenty or thirty years, in the food packaging machinery research and development of scientific research strength is insufficient, foundation is not solid, to some extent, also make the food and packaging industry slowed his steps. How can as soon as possible to improve the food packaging machinery of the technology level of scientific research strength and catch up with the developed countries to seize the huge market is the urgent need to solve the problem.


A large food production enterprise of Beijing city head thinks, in terms of food sales packaging, now the most common method, the most basic of packaging process has two kinds big, namely filling and wrapping package. The filling method is applicable to all materials and all kinds of packing containers. Specifically, the liquid, powder, and bulk of liquid, which depend on its own gravity, will be able to complete the packaging process when necessary. For the more viscous semi-fluid or larger pieces, the combination is required to be coerced, pushed in, and picked up. As for wrapping package method but with this difference, it is mainly suitable for appearance neat, hard enough, stiffness and require a piece or a combination of tight packed, multi-purpose flexible plastic and its composite materials, by means of mechanical action for wrapping package.


Nearly 10 years, the international packaging world attaches great importance to improve the general ability of packing machinery and the whole system and multifunctional integration capabilities, in order to open up the market with each passing day the diversification of products to provide flexible means of production in time. At the same time, based on the reasonable simplification of packaging and the practical need of the packaging process, the process of improving the innovation of our own technology has been greatly accelerated. In particular, the synchronous development of modern automatic machine tool is echoed and gradually clarified.


We will enhance the development of complete sets of equipment to meet the demand of the market


China food machinery network analysts believe that China's food packaging machinery enterprises to really go abroad, to occupy the international market, the real play the huge potential of made in China, establish diversification, generalization, multi-function integrated packaging machinery of new system, must be combination and electromechanical integration to solve problem, this is undoubtedly the important development direction in the future.


But compared with the world's great powers, China products and complete sets of small, single mostly in production is given priority to, and mostly supporting production abroad, single machine production and sales of low-margin, unable to get the high benefit of complete sets of equipment sales. And the product reliability is poor, the technology is updated slowly, new technology, new technology, new material application is little.


Our country's food and packing machine is more than one machine, complete set, the general model is more, meet the special requirement, the equipment of special material is few. Low-tech products with low technology added value and high productivity. Intelligent equipment is still in the development stage.


With the speeding up of the People's Daily working rhythm, rich nutrition health food, environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the future of food and packing also will inevitably put forward many new requirements. But also want to see China's food and packaging machinery, food and packaging machinery technology in China is moderate, cheap and fine, very suitable for economic conditions in developing countries and regions, exports to these countries and regions in the future prospect, part of the equipment can also exports to developed countries.


The future development of food machinery in China or in the hands of many enterprises, with favorable government policy support, the enterprise only to keep the direction of a long-term development of the road, I believe in the near future, we can see Chinese food machinery of the new luminescent spot!