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The life cycle of automatic weighing scales: six golden rules for improving efficiency

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2018/11/15 11:43
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Before you buy a heavy system, you should first think carefully about the environment and the characteristics of your product. A range of factors such as humidity, temperature change, drying, excessive vibration, and air dust can adversely affect the accuracy of weighing. If poor operating conditions, high humidity and dust content in the air, water and dust will enter and damage the conveyor belt and the mechanism of the weighing sensor, so as to shorten the service life of the machine. In order to eliminate the influence of high wet dust operating environment, you should be looking for some special pick up heavy technology, such as with a sealed case, composed of a whole piece of plastic or metal processing, etc. This prevents dust and moisture from entering and protects the internal precision weighing sensor and transmission system to drive the motor from damage and prevent premature ageing. Remember to remind your employees that you don't want to have an unnecessary movement or vibration around the weight scale, such as a worker's rapid transit through the vibration. Even tiny vibrations or air flows can be detected by sensitive, heavy machinery, leading to deviations in measurements. Such precautions can prevent accuracy problems and avoid damage.


There is a golden solution. Each production line is different, and the specific situation of your device determines what kind of specifications you need to automatically pick up the weighing scale. Before making the purchase decision, you should carefully evaluate the various features and specifications of the weighing scale to ensure that the model is suitable for your production line. Before making such investment decisions, you should consider testing the weight and characteristics of the product, the type of packing and the position factor of the automatic weighing scale on the production line.

Your product to determine whether the transmission system needs additional functions, to ensure that reach automatic pick up heavy scale before packing placed in the right direction, correct and interval is stable. Packing form, height and weight; The product is solid, powder or liquid; Stability of packaging; All of these factors will have an impact on the accuracy of weighing. Install synchronous belt, screw or rotavirus device could help ensure that each of the spacing is correct, the packing to ensure that every time there is only one package by weighing sensor, also can be installed side clamping belt and transport equipment to ensure the stability of the packaging. This way, we can optimize the precision of the weighing, and the packaging will not be tested properly. For example, a bottle of soft drink, due to a higher center of gravity, may cause a slight wobble on the conveyor belt, affecting the accuracy of the side face of the weighing scale. Near the position of the weighing sensor simply install the side of the strap to remove the shaking and make sure the bottle is as stable as possible when weighing.



The product also determines the type of device that will be removed from the production line. Smaller sealed packages can be removed through a simple jet, and open containers may be blown out. Granulated foods, such as salt, flour or sugar, may damage the transmission system, on the one hand, corrosion, and on the other, the particles entering the transmission machinery. This could lead to unnecessary friction and damage to the transmission parts, which will cause the transmission system to be replaced in advance. If your production line belongs to this kind of situation, please be sure to choose a specially designed for powder product and transmitting device automatically pick up heavy scale, this kind of conveyer belt is wide, the mechanical powder may have about the opening is very small. This will reduce the maintenance requirements and ensure the optimum weight accuracy of the weighing sensor. It must also be able to provide the highest weighing accuracy at the speed of the production line. This prevents production and productivity decline and minimizes the need for extra timings.