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Global sales of plastic soft packaging are expected to rise to 200 million in 2016

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2018/11/15 11:44
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In 2014, sales of plastic soft packaging rose 3 per cent in the global food industry to 190 million, with global sales expected to rise to 2 trillion in 2016.

According to euromonitor international, a market research firm, self-reliance bags are the fastest growing plastic packaging in the food industry. Self-reliance bags are still a form of packaging popular with many brands. According to euromonitor international, annual sales of self-reliant bags will increase by 6% between 2014 and 2019.

In 2014 self-reliance bag packaging, notable, including the world's largest breakfast cereal maker Kellogg's launch in France adopted by the cereal packaging, heinz launched in Germany ready meal packing and hulk of sweet corn.

"From this year's packaging research data, self-supporting bag is one of the successful cases", euromonitor international packaging research department director Rosemarie Downey said, "self-reliance bag sales is very good, is a kind of suitable for the microwave packaging solutions, in the packaging ready meal, rice, pasta, the biscuits, candies, cookies and ice cream, yogurt, and cocktail in the direct consumption of disposable packaging such as baby food also occupy a certain market share. Application of self-supporting bag" range is very wide.

In 2015, China and India accounted for 50% of food packaging growth. In the asia-pacific region alone, sales rose 5 percent in 2014, or 32 billion packaging. "China and India is the driving force for the global food packaging industry", Downey said, adding that "the improvement of urbanization level and disposable income, and buying habits from the bulk food to food packaging, make these countries there is an increasing demand for plastic soft packing".